Trinity Methodist Music & Drama Fellowship


Trinity Methodist Music & Drama Fellowship was founded by members of Trinity Methodist Church, in 1964. It continues to be a very friendly, convivial society and we welcome singers, in all voice parts, and non-performers. 

We aim to provide our members with opportunities to enjoy singing and performing with the added bonus of annually performing in the large Civic theatre accompanied by a full orchestra. Our productions are varied and include operettas, musicals, plays, concerts and Christmas productions. 

Join Us


We always welcome newcomers to our group whether they join us to sing or to help back-stage or behind the scenes. Anyone over 16 is welcome to join us with younger children being accepted for some shows. 

All our members are very friendly but please ask a committee member, who will be wearing a badge, if you have any questions.


All our rehearsals are held in the hall (2nd floor) at Trinity Methodist Church, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford. There is a small car park next to the Church and a larger one opposite. 

Rehearsals will start at 7:30pm until to 10pm, unless told otherwise, and we appreciate everyone being ready to start at this time. We expect everyone to attend rehearsals that they are required for unless they have told the assistant director (for shows) or the conductor (for concerts)  

For show rehearsals everyone is expected to wear suitable dance/character shoes (not trainers), and ladies will usually need a long rehearsal skirt.

There will normally be a refreshment break during the rehearsal when hot or cold drinks, and a biscuit, are available for 30p. 

Most rehearsals take place on a Monday evening, with extra ones being held for principals, etc on Wednesday or Thursday. There may be extra rehearsals near a performance date which will be notified as necessary. (Dress and technical rehearsals will be on the Sunday and Monday before a main show.)

It is expected that choir members will practice the songs between rehearsals, even just the words. For the shows, and some choral numbers, it is necessary to learn the words.



The annual membership fee is currently £40. and should be paid by January1st. Membership runs from January to December.


Performance Fees

For each performance there is a fee which will vary for each show. For a main show this will need to be paid before the first setting rehearsal and the required date will be notified for other performances.

These fees cover a variety of items including music hire, rehearsal pianist and insurance, plus wigs and costumes, etc. for shows. All cast members must be fully paid up members of the group.



For some of our productions you may need to access your own scores, and librettos. Others may be available for you to borrow from our own library. 



The committee is elected annually and is responsible for the organisation of all areas of the Fellowship. A proportion of the committee, including the chairperson, are Trinity Church members. On occasions there are also sub- committees formed for a variety of different purposes. 



The smooth running of our society is only possible if everybody plays their part in the organisation of its many and varied elements. We therefore ask that everyone lends a hand in setting up/tidying away after rehearsals, and particularly the numerous jobs involved before, during and after shows

 There are also many back-stage jobs for all of our productions which also require help. 



To improve our performances, we also provide occasional workshops, which in the past have included singing and different styles of dance. Recently we have also offered possible participants a taster session prior to auditions and rehearsals when the forthcoming director and musical director have explained their plans for the production and set a musical number similar to the style that will be included in the show. These sessions have always proved to be very successful and enjoyable and are open to members, friends and anyone else who may be interested.